For the past few years, Apple’s iPhones have been on a strict diet when it came to colour options, with silver, grey, gold and rose gold being the only real options. More recently, black was added to the mix, and reports suggest that more colours could be on their way.

According to 9to5Mac, the 2018 iPhone lineup may include new colours like white, shiny gold, blue and orange. The source for this report is industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose track record has been fairly solid when it comes to Apple related rumours and predictions.

Kuo notes that the colour options will vary depending on the model of iPhone, also adding that Apple will reveal three new models later this year.

A larger 6.5″ device will reportedly come in black, white and shiny gold flavours, and the standard 6.1″ variant will feature grey, white, blue, red and orange choices. There is said to be an iPhone X successor, although the colours available are unknown.

Not all the options could be brand new though, with the red, white and grey options likely similar to the different models we’ve seen in the past.

Other rumoured information about the upcoming iPhone models include the introduction of the all-screen display to the 6.1″ and 6.5″ options, with the former said to ditch some features like no stainless steel frame, no dual-camera and no 3D Touch, as a means of differentiating the two.

With much of this conjecture at the moment, we’ve have to wait and see if more reports corroborate this rumour.

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