A couple of months ago we learned that roguelike Dead Cells would be getting physical editions for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but a recent announcement has added on even more extras.

There are a few different versions of the game which you can buy, depending on your platform and how much you want to spend.

The Standard Edition is available for PS4 and Switch, costing £25 and £30 respectively. In the box you will find the game on a disc or cart, and a small art book.

Next up is the Special Edition for PC, Mac and Linux. It will run you £30 and has different case art work compared to the Standard Edition. Aside from that there’s also the soundtrack and a 20-page art book (larger than the version in the Standard Edition).

Finally there’s the signature editions for PS4 and Switch for £35 and £40 respectively. Aside from the game on a physical medium, there’s the soundtrack on a double CD, an enamel pin, a 56-page hardback art book, an embossed outer box, and certificate of authenticity with autographs from developers  Motion Twin.

All these editions are being fulfilled by Signature Edition Games. As this company is based in the UK, all the prices are in pounds and those in the country will have it delivered within a week after the 17th August release date of the game.

Outside of the country the delivery is said to be between one and two weeks, but customs and other problems are always something to consider when importing anything.

While we don’t advocate pre-ordering, the fact that Dead Cells has been available to buy on Steam Early access for so long changes things a bit here.

There it’s been universally praised and we’re sure many people picking up these physical editions are doing so as a second purchase of a game they already love.