Can’t get enough Cristiano Ronaldo? Well a new reality show could be on the way, with Variety reporting that the Portuguese football star is in talks with Facebook about a 13 episode docu-series.

It’s not the first time that the pair have been in talks, with Engadget pointing out that Ronaldo was working on a script for a series that focused on an all-girls football team in New York.

It’s unclear what has happened to that project, but this latest one is said to take on a behind-the-scenes look at Ronaldo as he prepares for the upcoming season after exiting the 2018 World Cup at the end of June. The series could air on Facebook Watch, but at this early stage, no definitive schedule has been mentioned.

The precise nature of the deal is yet to be fully detailed, but Variety believes the footballer could net a cool $10 million for the docu-series.

It’s not a substantial amount for Ronaldo, considering his current estimated weekly wages at Real Madrid being £365 000. Then again his recent tax evasion scandal and possible two-year jail sentence looming could mean that he’ll need a bit of money to pay his lawyers.

While he may not be everyone’s cup of tea (looking at all the Messi fans out there), there is no doubt that Ronaldo is a highly bankable star. He’s one of Nike’s premier athletes and arguably their biggest asset when it comes to football, followed fairly closely by Neymar Jr. of Brazil.

The bigger picture here though, if the deal goes through, are the implications are far as similar kinds of content coming to Facebook Watch.

The social media giant has already done a reality series with LaVar Ball (three seasons), and with the addition of Ronaldo, Facebook Watch could become the destination for sports fans to get an in-depth look at their favourite athletes off the pitch.

Could this be the start of something significant for Facebook Watch?