Last year after a long battle in courts we finally started seeing dotAfrica domains popping up online.

The trouble is that registrations for these generic top-level domains (gTLD) is slow going because one has to be registered with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to provision dotAfrica domains.

Registering a dotAfrica domain? Here’s everything you need to know

This morning, however, we received word that registrars and resellers can now register with the AF Proxy Domain Name Registration Platform to become a reseller of dotAfrica, dotJoburg, dotCapeTown and dotDurban gTLDs. This means that a reseller or registrar only has to register with AF Proxy Services to be able to provision dotAfrica and ZAdotCity domains.

“AF Proxy Services Ltd is itself accredited by ICANN, making its relaunched proxy platform a true plug-and-play solution for African RaRs [registrars and resellers] wanting a low-cost retail route without the need for complicated development work,” writes AF Proxy Services’ chief executive officer Lucky Masilela.

Since becoming available last year, 16 000 dotAfrica domains have been registered and AF Proxy Services hopes that giving more resellers the chance to provision this gTLD will see even more firms opting for dotAfrica in their URLs.

“No doubt, AF Proxy has opened up a whole new reseller market, which is expected to deliver more excellent results over the coming years following this most recent upgrade,” added Masilela.

Those interested in registering with AF Proxy Services can head to its website to find out more.