Telkom Mobile is launching a new FreeMe promo that kicks off today.

The deal is specifically aimed at those users that need more minutes to call, so if you’re in the need of data instead should look elsewhere.

This latest promo from Telkom Mobile includes all-network voice bundles, which are exclusively available to the FreeMe and FreeMe Family customers.

These bundles can only be used to make calls, but Telkom says they’ll work on any mobile network within South Africa. Furthermore, they can be purchased as once-off or recurring bundles.

“These voice bundles further enhance the value of our FreeMe plans. We’re committed to offering value and convenience to our customers,” adds Telkom consumer CEO Serame Taukubong.

The FreeMe promo all-network voice Bundles are billed per second and are valid for 31 days. They are available for postpaid and top-up customers on FreeMe and FreeMe Family plans.

Pricing for the FreeMe Promo all-networks voice bundles are as follows:

FreeMe Promo All-Networks Voice Bundles Price
100 minutes R40 (incl.VAT)
200 minutes R80 (incl. VAT)
300 minutes R100 (incl. VAT)
500 minutes R150 (incl. VAT)