DJI was scheduled to hold a drone-focused event later this month, but it has since been pushed back with murmuring suggesting that the company needed more time to perfect its latest aerial offering.

Now a newly leaked picture seems to corroborate the story, with a drone bearing the name Mavic 2 on it.

The image comes via DroneDJ, along with several notes on the likely specifications that the device may sport, according to what can be seen in the picture below.

The device is foldable, as are all the Mavic drones in DJI lineup, but this one looks to be a fair bit larger than anyone we’ve spotted to date. As such, it may not be the Mavic Pro successor that TechCrunch seems to think it is.

One of the more interesting elements to this drone could be a removable camera gimbal, which would then give the operator a few different options in terms of the type of lens they wish to shoot with. It would also give Mavic a competitor to GoPro’s Karma drone, which sports a similar feature.

Other potential specifications to the Mavic 2, as inferred from the picture, could be a larger f1/1.7 lens, which would indeed give the drone a greater field of view. This would line up with some of the marketing that DJI has been touting for its upcoming event, with the phrase “See The Bigger Picture.”

There is still no new date for the rescheduled DJI event, so it may still be awhile before the company is ready to showcase its latest Mavic drone.


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