Earlier in the year HTC announced ambitious plans to manufacture a blockchain-focused smartphone called Exodus. Now the company is nearly ready to reveal the device to the world, with a Q3 2018 launch date being touted.

Firmer details on the device itself are still hard to come by, but HTC has a website for the Exodus smartphone up and running, where those interested in the offering can sign up to stay informed about further developments.

HTC and the team behind the Exodus phone are set to speak at the RISE conference in Hong Kong later today, where more information about the device is should be revealed.

For now, all we know is the Exodus is being billed as a phone that will help users “take back the internet,” but what that means exactly is unclear.

Scrolling through their website, there is plenty of jargon about a decentralised device that will function as a cold wallet with key recovery. This essentially means that all the content of the phone will be stored on it, instead of the cloud.

Added to that, we’re assuming that blockchain’s digital ledger technology in order to secure the data stored on the Exodus.

As such, it could be viewed as amore trendy and palatable version of Secure Circle’s Blackphone, but we have no definitive confirmation if that will indeed be the case.

Whether the appetite for a Blockchain-focused smartphone is there, remains to be seen.