Private automatic branch exchange, or PABX as you might know it, is a staple of offices around the world as it allows them to manage calls.

It’s useful but it’s getting along in years as we move to greater reliance on other technological innovations that are more cost effective and easier to use/maintain.

Enter BuzzBox, the creation of startup Jini-Guru which acts as a web-based PABX and takes the pain out of managing calls.

Using BuzzBox’s web-based dashboard you can set up a phone number that folks can reach you on, set up voice prompts and forward calls to employees even if they aren’t in the same building as you.

The system has an app for iOS and Android devices so you can forward calls to remote workers if need be though desk phones with VOIP functionality can also be set up through BuzzBox’s interface.

“When we started Jini-Guru we could not find a seamless online process that would allow us to set up a full web-based switchboard, so we decided to build one for ourselves,” says Jini-Guru director, Mike Smits.

BuzzBox costs R89 per month which includes one phone number and one extension, extra extensions cost an additional R89 per month each. Calls between extensions are free but external calls are charged at R0.69 (excluding VAT) and R0.30 per second (excluding VAT) for calls to local mobile numbers and normal landlines respectively. You can find a full breakdown of call rates over on BuzzBox’s website.

Other stand out features include call recording, call forwarding and call scheduling so that midnight calls get forwarded to an after-hours messaging service rather than you or employees.

If BuzzBox sounds like something your business could use you can use promo code feoifyaa to get your first line and extension free for 12 months. Simply enter that code during sing-up to get the discount.


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]