While it’s no secret that most shows see massive changes between the writing room and the final edit, one episode of Rick and Morty had a particularly weird piece of cut content.

The official Adult Swim YouTube channel has released a behind the scenes video about an early draft of episode 10, The Rickchurian Mortydate.

The main departure mentioned is the fact that, instead of Rick and the US president getting into a fight, they team up to fight ISIS werewolves.

While this is still perfectly in line with Rick and Morty, we can’t help but get Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter vibes from the whole idea.

Aside from the sad news that we didn’t get to see this part animated, the video also shows us Dan Harmon’s story circle which he’s talked about in the past.

At the end we also get something equally important from Harmon: a copyright-free version of Eye of the Tiger. If someone has the time we’d love to hear it backed with this amazing music.

While you wait for the next season of the show, stick around on YouTube because there’s a lot of free Rick and Morty content on there: from Bushworld Adventures to an Exquisite Corpse.