The biggest data centre in Africa, Teraco, has announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect is now live in South Africa.

AWS Direct Connect is a clever little solution from Amazon that allows users to by-pass their internet service provider and connect directly to AWS. This removes network congestion and lowers the cost of connecting to multiple cloud environments, which is becoming increasingly common as adoption of cloud computing increases locally.

“Through the addition of AWS Direct Connect, via the Teraco Cloud Exchange platform, enterprises and service providers can now establish predictable, high performance, SLA based connections in South Africa,” says Teraco technical manager Andrew Owens.

Unlike ISPs, AWS Direct Connect customers only pay for network ports used and the data transferred out of AWS regions. It’s unclear whether South Africans would incur fees for transferring data within South Africa as AWS is only present here as an Edge Network Location. We have contacted Teraco for clarification on this.

In addition to AWS Direct Connect, Amazon CloudFront is also now available to South Africans. This is a content delivery network offered by AWS that consists of proxy servers which cache bulky content such as video. These means faster downloads and less buffering.

Teraco’s Owens will be speaking at the AWS Summit Cape Town today which we happen to be attending. Be sure to follow us over on Twitter for all the news from the summit.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]