The people at Valve have been tinkering with the Steam storefront yet again, with the latest change affecting upcoming releases.

The section on Steam formally titled as “Upcoming” has been replaced with “Popular Upcoming” and, as you may have guessed, it’s another implementation of the recommendation algorithm on the platform.

This tab used to be a simple, chronological list of all the games due to launch soon and it would be the same for everyone clicking on that section of the store.

Now Steam will attempt to show you games you may be interested in. The factors that influence what games show up include: wishlist activity, pre-purchases and past titles from a developer/publisher.

Games you put on your wishlist will appear here and, if you’ve been making use of the new developer/publisher homepages, their games have a greater chance of appearing.

Valve is also adamant that titles you’ve marked as “not interested” will not appear in this section, and you shouldn’t see DLC for games you don’t own. Given that these features didn’t always work in the explore queue when that was introduced, you may see these apparent exclusions in the early days of this new system.

You can read the entire announcement on Steam where you can also leave your comment about the news if you’re so inclined.

Alternatively, you can click here to be taken to the Popular Upcoming section of the site which will already be vying to recommend games to you if you’re logged in.

Looking through our version of this page and it seems to be working as intended. One problem we did find is the odd string of text “#comingsoon_bucket_my_wishlist_desc” which we can only assume is an error and not some awful hashtag.


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