A game that surprised the pants off of me last year was F1 2017.

Everything about that game oozed love from the carefully crafted tracks to the liveries on the vehicles. Fans were left wondering how F1 2018 could possibly improve on the game and we’ll find out whether additions such as timed media interviews will make the game better on 24th August.

The most important question on the lips of fans was what classic cars we would be able to drive in the game aside from the 2009 Brawn BGP-001 and 2003 Williams FW25 which are included in the F1 2018 Headline Edition.

Well, today Codemasters let us know which F1 cars we’ll be able to drive in August by way of a video. Check it out below.

If you missed that here are the cars you will be able to drive:

  • 1972 Lotus 72D
  • 1976 Ferrari 312 T2
  • 1976 McLaren M23D
  • 1978 Lotus 79
  • 1979 Ferrari 312 T4
  • 1982 McLaren MP4/1B

The following vehicles from F1 2017 will be making an appearance as well:

  • 2010 Red Bull RB6
  • 2008 McLaren MP4-23
  • 2007 Ferrari F 2007
  • 2006 Renault R26
  • 2004 Ferrari F2004
  • 2002 Ferrari F2002
  • 1998 McLaren MP4-13
  • 1996 Williams FW18
  • 1995 Ferrari 412T2
  • 1992 Williams FW14
  • 1991 McLaren MP4/6
  • 1988 McLaren MP4/4

F1 2018 will also include the Circuit Paul Ricard in France and the Hockenheimring in Germany as these tracks form part of the official F1 2018 race calendar. Sadly that means we won’t be racing at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia this year.

F1 2018 Headline Edition (which includes the Brawn and Williams classic F1 cars) is available for pre-order now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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