While we’ve featured many wearable 3D prints in the future, none of them could be considered a piece of regular clothing and were instead pieces for cosplay. This belt from Factorio, however, is a different story.

Based on the conveyor belt transport system seen in the game, user PeteTheLich created the model for this print in Blender.

The idea for it came from a previous design from them – a flexible keychain. While discussing it with a user on Reddit, the suggestion was made to add metal wire to increase the strength.

After applying this idea to a wearable belt, the buckle was modelled, a part that took a significant amount of time to get right.

Once that was done printing could begin. Using PETG filament, it took 16 hours to make a belt that is 34″ (86 centimetres).

As the length of the belt relies on the number of conveyor segments you print, this can be adjusted to fit your waist. If you like your belts a bit less bulky, you can also reduce the scale as it’s 2.7 centimetres wide and 0.5 centimetres thick by default.

After a bit of sanding the blue accents were painted on. You can see the final result in the gallery below along with the strength of the belt as it’s able to hold quite a bit of weight.

If you’d like your own belt belt, the files to make one are available for free on Thingiverse. The files also offer a short description for adding the wire which gives it so much strength.

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