After being announced in August 2017 Advanced Gungeons & Draguns – a substantial, free expansion for Enter the Gungeon – has been given a release date of 19th July.

This was announced over the weekend by the developers on Twitter. Less than two weeks ago we learned that the expansion was completed and sent to console certification.

It seems like that process isn’t completely done, as this 19th July date is dependant on that certification process being completed on all platforms.

Right now the plan is to launch  Advanced Gungeons & Draguns simultaneously on all the platforms that the base game is available on – those being PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A followup tweet also mentions some elements that we can expect when the software launches.  Aside from all the new content promised here, those who found the original game too challenging may be happy to hear that there will be more generous drops for loot.

On the other side of the coin, veterans like us who have hundreds of hours in the game will now be able to make it even more difficult thanks to a “turbo mode” which will double the speed of the game.

A full list of the known additions can be found on the fan wiki. Some of the new content, such as teleporters in chest rooms, were already implemented in the Switch version of the game, as it’s the newest port.

One name you may not have expected to see in the comments here is the YouTube content creator Dunkey. He recently posted a video about his love for the game which you can watch below.