If you’ve been enjoying Spotify as much as we have since it launched in South Africa¬†earlier in the year, there’s a bit more good news to kick off your week. One of the most requested features absent from the service locally at launch, Weekly Discover is now available to Spotify South Africa users.

For those unfamiliar with the offering, it creates a personalised playlist at the beginning of each week (hence the name) containing new music you haven’t listened to before, from artists based on your current listening habits or anything you may have liked on Spotify previously.

This differs slightly from the Daily Mix playlists that get generated as the Weekly Discover does not feature any songs you’ve liked in the past.

What is particularly good about the feature, apart from exposing listeners to more previously unheard music they may enjoy, is the chance it affords to newer artists on the platform.

With more than 35 million songs on Spotify, it can be harder for indie  and local artists to be heard among the more mainstream acts.

Log into your Spotify app and a Weekly Discover playlist should have popped up.

Spotify South Africa also advices creating playlists in order to enhance the Weekly Discover experience.

Here’s how to create a playlist:

  1. Click New Playlist in the menu on the left.
  2. Give your playlist a name (description and cover image optional) and click Create.
  3. Add a track
  4. Right-click a track and select Add to Playlist.
  5. Select a playlist.

Give Weekly Discover a listen and let us know how you’re enjoying the feature on Twitter and Facebook.