When it comes to the world of autonomous vehicles (AVs), few are making the strides that Roborace are.

The company have paired with the likes of Nvidia to create driverless cars for the racetrack, and been running several trials to showcase their technology.

Their latest demonstration of self-driving vehicles came at the Goodwood Festival of Speed that took place in Sussex, England at the weekend.

In particular, Roborace’s Robocar (not very inventive name we must add) did a run of Goodwood’s iconic hill climb.

What makes the route especially challenging is the narrowness of the track which is lined with a brick wall and small bales of hay as the only means of protection. Added to this is a steep 91 metre ascent in the space of 1.86 kilometres.

The Robocar was capable of completing the run, which you can watch the video below, but it was not the only AV at the Festival.

Unfortunately Siemens’ self-driving race car, a Ford Mustang, did not fare as well. Despite completing the run, it required the assistance of a safety driver to ensure it did not plow into the aforementioned wall.

Making issues slightly awkward, it also had the Festival’s founder, the Duke of Richmond, in the passenger seat, according to Autoblog.

The only reason why the Robocar did not have a passenger is because there is no seating whatsoever, as you can see in the image above.

As such, it may be some time until other autonomous vehicles are ready to race alongside the Robocar in a driverless car event.

Until then, give videos like the one below a watch. We’ve also added a 360-degree video of the hillclimb after that, should you have a VR headset on hand.