While Unreal Tournament may not be the most popular property in the 3D printing community, it has been the inspiration for this Enforcer recreation which is one of the best props in recent memory.

Maker Bart van der Westerlaken is the man behind the build, basing it off of the gun’s appearance in Unreal Tournament 4.

You may remember him for the Homing Beacon print that was, impressively, created while The Last Jedi was still in theatres and very little reference materials were available yet.

The Enforcer was created in Fusion 360 over the course of around 20 hours, but van der Westerlaken admits that he rarely times these things as the projects are left alone for a few days.

Printing took about 80 hours to complete, resulting in a prop that is 35 X 250 X 7.5 centimetres. Aside from being a static piece for display or cosplay, it does feature some moving parts.

There are removable magazines in both the front and the back which snap back into place thanks to a few magnets. A spring in the trigger lets you pretend to fire it, but if you don’t want any of these features you can glue them in place.

For finishing the printed parts were sanded once before those magnets and the spring were added. Gaps between the parts were filled in with putty, followed by filler primer and more sanding.

The main colours were done with spray paints with the decals accomplished thanks to masking tape and an airbrush.

After some weathering was added with acrylic paint and silver rub, a final layer of gloss varnish was applied.

If all of that doesn’t sound too daunting, you can find the free files to make your own over on MyMiniFactory.

The final gun weighs in at 650 grams, but that does include the paint, magnets and spring, so you can budget slightly less filament than that.

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