With the Alliance and Horde poised to face off in the Battle for Azeroth expansion out next month we gave you a chance to get your hands on the beta for the expansion early.

All you had to do to win yourself a key was tell us your World of Warcraft story and you peeps impressed us.

That made selecting four winners rather difficult but after a weekend of furious voting in which I may or may not have called one of my team mates a Murloc, we finally have four winners. The edited winners stories follow on below.

Congratulations and enjoy battling for Azeroth, early.

Rene Herz

Toward the end of Wrath of the Lich King I levelled a paladin. Somewhere at 63 I went from retribution to tank, just to see how it is. I was glad when I pulled off solo the arena in Nagrand and helped other players.

Here I am so brave and strong, starting to do Dragonblight quests, until I came to Sarathstra. I must say I was quite vague at the time about the quests in Northrend, and remembered that it was someone dangerous, because there were occasional requests in chat for a group for Sarathstra and other NPCs from the category of “Wanted!”

I decided not to yell in a chat, and to go on my own to “break my sword and armor” on the scales of Sarathstra.

Imagine my surprise when my Paladin in the blue-green armor, alone, killed Sarastru the first time! I was filled with a lot of emotions, and my paladin – with the The Power of Light!

One of the most memorable victories. And since then, tank is one of the my favorites specs in the game.

Daniela Loewe

I remember I created a gnome warrior, got him to level 6/7 and thought what should I do next. I found a quest “speak with someone in Stormwind”.

Well, I did not know about the existence of the underground tram and so I went to Stormwind on foot, through the Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes, dying at every step and thought it was okay. Still got to Stormwind in about an hour.

Martina Eberhardt

It’s been many years, but because of all the memories associated with World of Warcraft the most vivid one remains the one from the beginning of the game, during the vanilla.

When we started to play with a friend, one began as a Night Elf, the other as a Human. After finishing their starting areas we really wanted to travel together, but by opening the map, we found that we were on different continents. So we had to cross the ocean.

When my friend was up to his waist in water, a good passer-by stopped him by a puzzled question “where are you going?”. And after receiving the answer “swimming to Kalimdor” he laughed and told us about ships and where they are.

Thank you anonymous passer-by, you saved my friend from a painful death, and helped us to reunite!

Jessika Moeller

The most interesting experience was killing Blackfuse!
Blackfuse – the boss on which many guilds disbanded. This bastard did not give in for the whole month.

We destroyed a lot of nerves on him and had listen to the whole mountain of cussing in chat. After one RT our replacement of RL took 7k GP!! To say that it was difficult is to say nothing because there were many moments when people were too slow on the conveyor or just wiped everyone by running with saws through them!

But in the end we managed to kill him.