While you may not know Peter Serafinowicz by name, you’ve probably seen a skit from his show circulating on the internet at one point.

His most famous character is Brian Butterfield, a bumbling, overweight man who tries to hock strange services in a series of commercials. The “Butterfield Diet Plan” is how many people were unknowingly introduced to the show.

The now famous kitchen gun infomercial is another popular bit thanks to various remixes and YouTube Poop videos.

The odd “poison sockets” segment also gets shared around now and again, but the first two are what most people know.

All of these jokes come from The Peter Serafinowicz Show, which only had a single season and is now entirely available on YouTube.

These episodes can be watched in the playlist below, but that’s not all as the uploader has also cut together relevant, recurring segments and stitched them together.

The entire Brian Butterfield saga is available on its own, as is the retro “A Guide to Modern Life” and the brilliant impressions from Serafinowicz in “Acting Masterclass“.

Having now watched most of this content we’re a bit shocked that the show isn’t remembered by more people. Sure, not every joke lands, but that’s the nature of comedy.

We recommend this even for people who aren’t usual fans of dry British humour. And, hey, it’s free.