A new week and a new africast which is, unfortunately or not, still in audio format only.

The first topic this week is EA’s amazing predictions when it comes to guessing the outcomes of large sporting events. For the recent FIFA World Cup they accurately pegged France as the overall winner using the FIFA 18 game.

Next up we talk relapse, addiction and abusive relationships… in the Pokémon trading card game. Yes after years of being sober from the “evils” of TCGs, we’re back in the thick of it. Maybe.

Finally we talk Apple and a worrying video of overheating in their new iMac Pro with an i9 processor. It’s early days for the machine with such a powerful CPU, and the case of severe thermal throttling may be an isolated one, but it’s just another knock against Apple.

In the coming weeks we should be back up and running with our video content. If you miss seeing our faces: check out our last video africast.

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