For some time now Instagram users with private accounts have been able to remove any undesirable followers, whether they be overly thirsty or basic trolls.

Now the feature could be porting over to public Instagram accounts as well, with a recent Twitter post from The Next Web’s Matt Navarra confirming it.

In response to The Verge, Instagram has confirmed that the new feature has been available to a small group of users over the past few months, corroborating rumours of the “remove follower” button’s existence.

The next step is rolling it out to a slightly larger batch of Instagram users, which is said to be happening over the coming weeks.

There are no official criteria in terms of who will be selected to test out the feature, but it is worth noting that the button will be limited to those using an Android device. Also a large following is likely a requirement too, especially if users need to filter through a bunch of fake, annoying or troll followers.

As for when this feature will be available to the Instagram community, the company is still remaining mum on the subject.

That said, it is more than likely going to be a fully fledged feature on the social media app, with Instagram continuing a trend of adding more control to its users.

In recent months, they’ve introduced a mute button for followers and an experimental do not disturb mode, with this latest trial now added to the mix.

With an estimated one billion-plus users on the platform, Facebook (which owns Instagram) needs to do everything it can to keep its community happy, as we’ve seen how a lack to do so has effected competitor Snapchat of late.


[Image – CC0 Pixabay]