There’s no shortage of inventive Raspberry Pi cases out there, and now the red ghost – Blinky – from Pac-Man offers up another choice for your emulation machine.

Maker Kaj Söderholm created his print in Tinkercad after being inspired by a similar project, but ended up designing his own version from scratch.

He tells us that it only took a few evenings of design work and test prints to perfect the model, a process that was sped up thanks to a digital model of the Raspberry Pi 3B. This allowed Söderholm to play around with different orientations of the board until it fit and all the ports were accessible.

Printing on a Wanhao Duplicator i3 took around 20 hours, using different types of filament for the separate parts: red PETG for the case, white and blue ABS for the eyes, and translucent white PLA for the LED housings.

This gives the final print, which you can see in the gallery below, an appropriate glow when it’s dark and you turn the two white LEDs on.

The files to print your own Blinky are available for free on MyMiniFactory. While the red ghost is the default here, changing up the colour of the filament will suffice for any of the other ones you may want to print.

At 12.5 X 14 X 6.5 centimetres, there’s a lot of extra space above the Pi earmarked for a cooling fan, but Söderholm says he hasn’t needed to install anything there yet. The build is currently running RetroPie and there have been no heat issues as of yet.

It must also be noted that the files do not contain a hole for a power switch. A round push-button is used in the back of this version, but you’ll need to modify the files to suit whatever you decide to use.

Back in August of 2017 Pac-Man himself was also turned into a Raspberry Pi case. If you have a need for more than one Pi in your house, printing a few ghosts, all chased by Pac-Man, would make an interesting cluster.

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