If you own a decent smartphone these days, it’s more thank likely sporting toughened glass technology produced by Corning. The company’s Gorilla Glass is the industry standard, and now its sixth iteration, Gorilla Glass 6, has been unveiled.

Corning recently held a press conference detailing the improved features that Gorilla Glass 6, with many of the company’s customers said to be using the display technology already.

This means that many of the flagship phones that debut in 2019 will be sporting Gorilla Glass 6.

So what can this iteration do that its predecessor could not?

According to Corning, this version of Gorilla Glass is specifically designed to not only handle drops from significant heights, but also multiple drops.

In testing, Corning says Gorilla Glass 6 was capable of handling up to 15 drops on average on a rough surface at a height of 3.3 feet or roughly one metre.

This doubles the amount that the previous generation of screen technology could muster, although it’s not explicitly mentioned if there’s a difference between dropping a phone on its side or display side down.

With no real other options bettering what Corning can produce at the moment, it’s likely your best bet at protecting a phone’s screen should you be accident prone.

Watch Corning put Gorilla Glass 6 to the test in the video below.