HP has routinely been refreshing its Z series of workstation offerings over the past couple of years and 2018 is proving no different, with the company recently unveiling a trio of updated HP Z2 workstations.

The latest iterations to the Z2 family comprises of a fourth-generation Z2 Mini G4, Z2 Tower G4 and Z2 Small Form Factor (SFF), each being billed by the company as the most powerful entry workstation in its given category.

HP Z2 Mini (G4)

HP has upped the processing power for its latest generation of Z2 Mini workstation, sporting a six core Intel Xeon processor setup. Added to this is HP’s claim of the same graphics performance of one of its Small Form Factor workstations in a device one-quarter the size.

On the graphics side it comes with an Nvidia Quadro P1000, but there will an option to opt for an AMD Pro WX4150 instead depending on the region you’re in. Although unconfirmed, local customers will likely have to stick with the Nvidia card.

As far as applications go, HP notes that the Z2 Mini is ideal for AutoCAD and SketchUp users, with the company punting it to those in the design, architecture and construction space that require something a bit more powerful than a regular notebook.

HP Z2 Small Form Factor

Next up in terms of size is the Z2 Small Form Factor, with this generation of desktop workstation sitting horizontally and featuring an estimated 50 percent greater processing power than its previous generation thanks to the company upping the number of CPU cores to six.

On the graphics side, the Z2 Small Form Factor houses the Nvidia Quadro P1000, which is designed to yield a speedy performance for users running visualisations in CAD.

Some additional elements to this product in the updated Z2 SFF include a dust filter for increased reliability, as well as being said to run quieter than before.

HP Z2 Tower 

Rounding off the trio is the Z2 Tower, which HP says is a massive 60-plus percent more powerful in terms of graphics performance compared to its predecessor.

This down to the Nvidia Quadro P5000 it’s got under the hood, along with 16 GB DDR5X memory and up to 64GB of configurable RAM.

As such, the company views this workstation as particularly good when it comes to handling more complex workflows such as rendering 3D graphics or designs, with it capable of housing the Nvidia 3D Quadro graphics cards.

It’s also sporting a new design aesthetic, which too is 13% smaller than the previous generation.

Coming soon?

There’s no word from HP South Africa yet on the release date status for each of these Z2 workstations, but the devices will be landing Stateside later this month. If we’re going on past experience, SA customers can expect these offerings in early Q4 this year.

As for price, the recommended US pricing starts from $799 for the Z2 Mini G4, $749 for the Z2 SFF and $769 for the Z2 Tower G4, depending of course on the internal setup you opt for.


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