YouTube channel Useless Duck Company – known for humorous maker builds  – has returned with a unique Arduino controller for the game everyone seems to be playing.

In an attempt to make a controller that matches up with what you do in game, an Arduino Pro Micro was attached to a plastic saw toy together with a breakout board sporting an accelerator and a gyroscope.

This setup reads movements from the saw and, using a bit of code, translate that into in-game actions.

Sawing back and forth will build a wall, a 45 degree movement makes stairs, and anything higher than that will build a wall.

If using a tool in the real world to build in Fortnite isn’t enough, there’s a button to toggle the saw into weapons mode.

Here, using that breakout board for motion tracking, you can physically aim the toy at your target and shoot at then with a trigger.

While these kinds of joke control schemes aren’t new, this is one of our favourite examples. The building part of it was already impressive, but being able to shoot to makes it so much better.

The only element of the game not worked into the build, as far as we can tell, is actual movement, so you will need to play with one hand on a keyboard.

Code for the Arduino is available on Pastebin, and the accompanying video is embedded below.