Spotify wants to get more new music on its platform.

At last count the streaming service was sitting at around 35 million-plus songs, and that number is only set to grow with the company announcing a new initiative for artists to share unreleased tracks with Spotify’s playlist editors.

The feature is still in its beta phase, so may not be available to all artists here in South Africa, but the process will be facilitated via a user’s Spotify for Artists account.

“Everyone, whether you’re an artist, label, manager or part of an artist’s team, can try out this feature. Simply log into your Spotify for Artists account or, if you work at a label, head over to Spotify Analytics. There, you’ll have the option of selecting one unreleased song for playlist consideration and submitting it to our team,” the company explained in a press release.

From there, the unreleased track will be reviewed by one of the 100 playlist editors that the streaming service has littered across the globe. Once vetted, it will be placed on an appropriate playlist, where more listeners can get to hear it.

This latest step from the company is clearly in an effort to make its artists community happy, and in particular indie artists.

Spotify recently starting offering advance fees to indie artists to get more of their music onto the platform. along with displaying the credits for producers and songwriters on tracks.

Adding this new initiative, as well as launching Discover Weekly locally should be good news for artists and listeners alike.