Despite the growing popularity of Warframe, 3D prints from the game are few and far between. Fixing that today is a throwing knife that you can actually throw, if what you’re intending to injure is made out of polystyrene.

This print is another fantastic piece of work from Bart van der Westerlaken, who we recently featured for his Unreal Tournament 4 Enforcer.

Like the Enforcer this was also modelled in Fusion 360 using a simple reference picture, taking only an hour to complete.

Printing took around three and a half hours to make a knife 18 centimetres long and weighing 12 grams.

After some sanding with fine 350 sandpaper, the kunai was painted with a relatively simple colour scheme.

We’ve been told that throwing the prop goes over “surprisingly well” and the point was still sharp after hitting the┬ápolystyrene 10 times, something you can see in the gif below.

If you’d like to make your own single knife, or an entire handful of them, the files to do so are available for free from MyMiniFactory.

van der Westerlaken also tells us that he’s working on a Lex Prime print, which has already been modelled and printed. Make sure you check back here or his MyMiniFactory account to see that weapon when it’s finished.


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