One of the standout features in any Back to the Future DeLorean is the clock – or time circuits – which you can now 3D print and keep next to your bed.

Maker Jérôme Montignies is responsible for this impressive time piece, which is made up of a printed shell and some electronics purchased from Banggood.

We’ve been told that the modelling took around 15 hours in SolidWorks to make it screen accurate, before 35 hours of printing was needed to make the sizeable enclosure.

At 13.5 X 22.5 X 6.5 centimetres you will need to budget a bit of filament to get it made before you can start the finishing process. The finished version you see here has a base of metallic spray paint with some added details using the Citadel paints line.

For the electronics inside an Arduino clone is running the show with different colours of seven-segment displays used for the times.

The links to all the electronics, along with the files to print the case, can be found on Thingiverse.

Make sure you explore the files section of the page as it contains the Arduino code to properly display the times, which has been custom written for this project.

There’s also a PDF of the labels which will need to be (2D) printed and stuck to the face of the clock, as well as the wiring schematic and some pictures of the internals to better guide your attempt to make your own.

Using the estimates Montignies gave us, around 130 hours went into the beautiful finished project below. If you do decide to make one it should take less time as a lot of the guesswork, modelling and coding has been done for you.

If you’re not going Back to the Future you could also display three different time zones or important dates, but we think being a display piece is the best option here.

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