When Samsung debuts the Galaxy Note 9 in New York next month, a handful of new accessories will also be present, but now the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo has broken cover early.

The dual charging device, spotted by Roland Quandt, is not intended for two smartphones though. Instead it features charging pad we’ve seen in the past from Samsung and combines it with a specialised cradle for a smartwatch.

If we had to take an educated guess, this may be for the Galaxy Watch that’s been rumoured. With that device reportedly set for debut at IFA 2018 in September, perhaps the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo is then not destined for a reveal in August as we initially thought.

An even more exciting prospect is Samsung unveiling both the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch next month in New York, which would certainly up the desire to watch the live streamed Unpacked event on 9th August.

Shifting back to the wireless charging, it is suggested that the fast charging technology on the Wireless Charger Duo is enhanced compared to its predecessor.

The Galaxy Note 9 is said to sport a mammoth 4 000mAh battery, and if true that would surpass the Galaxy Note 8’s 3 300mAh version by some distance. Should Samsung wanted to deliver the same kind of fast charging speeds at the pervious charging pad, it will indeed need to improve its fast charging technology.

That said, my personal experience with fast charging is mixed.

Yes, it’s handy when you need a quick 15 to 20 percent charge, but often when charging the battery of my Galaxy S8 to full it leaves the smartphone a bit too warm to the touch.

My colleague Brendyn Lotz says that even his Galaxy S9 gets rather warm when charging from the wall.

As such I often wonder what kind of effect fast charging has on the longevity of smartphone batteries.

With Samsung set to reveal a number of new devices in coming months, it should be interesting to see what other accessories the South Korean company has in store.