The world of smartphone cameras is constantly evolving, and a new offering from Sony could be pointing in the direction of where the industry is heading Рmore megapixels. Yes, it looks like the trend of larger pixels is back, with Sony recently revealing its new IMX586 lens.

This latest offering features a massive 48MP (8 000 X 6 000), with it also being christened the highest resolution camera lens for smartphones on the market, according to Sony.

It’s not the first smartphone camera to breach the 40MP mark, with Huawei debuting one for its P20 Pro devices earlier in the year, and with Sony supplying several manufacturers not to mention its own Xperia lineup, the 48MP lens could very well be featured in a number of phones over the next couple of years.

As for the finer specifications of the IMX586, Sony notes that it utilises an ultra compact pixel size of 0.8 micrometres to yield the larger megapixel count, all of which fits onto an eight millimetre sensor.

It is important to not that more megapixels do not always lead to better images, with smaller pixels often resulting in rather noisy pictures in low light conditions. Aware of this problem, Sony says the IMX586 tackles this by employing a quad Bayer colour filter array that raises the light sensitivity to that of a 12 MP lens.

So when will the IMX586 make its way onto smartphones?

The Japanese company plans to have sample versions sent to manufacturers in September, with the first devices sporting the new lens expected in early 2019.

There is no word of when an Xperia smartphone could feature it though. With IFA 2018 just around the corner, Sony may have a new flagship phone in the works for the Berlin-based event.

Joining the ranks of Huawei’s Leica-certified offering, could the IMX586 signal a return to larger megapixels instead of more lenses?


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]