GPD – the company known for making full Windows 10 machines that fit into your pocket – has been ramping up to crowdfund its Pocket 2 device, and we have most of the details for it now.

Like all the other hardware GPD puts onto market, the Pocket 2 will have a campaign on Indiegogo. It’s page is available to view right now, but it is not open for pledges until 30th July, 4 AM local time.

You may want to know exactly when that is down to the minute, as there’s some decent pricing on the machines for early birds.

The first 1 000 backers buying the 8GB RAM model will be paying $599, after which this increases to $639. The lower spec 4GB model is $529 for the first 200 backers, which then increases to $569. Both of these choices come with the same amount of storage space in a 128GB ROM.

While the campaign does have a goal of $100 000 (~R1.3 million), we suspect it’s going to blow right through that. Most of GPD’s previous campaigns raised millions of dollars and delivered products that people were generally happy with.

Aside from RAM and storage, you can see the Pocket 2’s full specs at the bottom of this page in a cheeky comparison chart against an Apple MacBook and Microsoft Surface Pro. We assume these were chosen as all three machines use an Intel Core m3.

While that chart is obviously made to paint GPD’s device in a better light, it’s not the best comparison. Luckily their own Twitter account has provided a secondary chart pitching the Pocket 2 against the Win 2, which is made for gaming with console controls built right in.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, here’s your obligatory reminder to not spend anything you’re not willing to completely lose. Even for company’s with reliable records, there’s no guarantee that you will get anything in return for your money, and what you get may not be what you expected.