South Africa, and Africa as a whole, is getting its very own official LEGO store which is due to open soon in Sandton.

Great Yellow Brick is the company who won the licence to bring this business into the country, and their site offers a newsletter (which can be read online) which just revealed some very interesting information about the sets that will be on sale.

The sets listed below were, up until now, not yet available for purchase in South Africa. While we don’t have pricing as of yet, confirmation that these desirable builds will be available is still exciting.

The final set mentioned in the newsletter is 75192: Millennium Falcon – the largest and most expensive set LEGO has ever produced. This has been available through other retailers before now, but hopefully the one offered by this new store will have more favourable pricing.

Two new sets missing from the newsletter are 21311: Voltron and 10262: James Bond Aston Martin DB5. It was a long shot for these to be available as they only just launched overseas, but it would have made this new store so much better. Hopefully we’ll be seeing these available soon.

Along with the announcement of these sets we also know that there will be a loyalty programme called “Brick Rewards” which give access to “exclusive gifts and… bonus points on monthly promotions”. This is causing a bit of confusion right now as it sounds identical to the VIP programme offered at other official LEGO outlets in other parts of the world.

Finally, South Africa will finally have a Pick A Brick wall and a station to build custom minifigures. The former is a way for local builders to get individual parts at a reduced rate compared to harvesting them from sets, and it something the community has been requesting for a long time.

Ahead of the store’s launch on 28th July, check back to where we’ll have an early look inside, so you can see what to expect when you visit.


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