When it comes to electric vehicles (EVs), at least in the US and Europe, the Tesla Model 3 leads the way. That could change soon though, with Volvo detailing its new Polestar 2 car that’s aimed squarely at rivalling the Model 3.

COO for the Swedish carmaker, Johnathan Goodman revealed the company’s ambitions for the Polestar 2 in a recent interview with Autocar.

Goodman notes that the Polestar 2 will feature the kind of performance and pricing that will make most Model 3 owners a little envious.

As far as cost goes, Goodman says the Polestar 2 will come in between the $40 000 to $65 000 depending on the specification of the model.

The Tesla Model 3’s current base price is $35 000 when you don’t factor in all the added bells and whistles, so it will be rather hard for Volvo’s offering to be a far better option when it comes to the vehicle’s value.

The Volvo Polestar 1 in black.

How about performance then?

Well Goodman says the Polestar 2 will have roughly 300kW of power and 563 kilometre driving range before the battery-powered engine requires a recharge.

Compared to the Model 3’s standard version can muster 150kW and 370 kilometres, which certainly tips the favour the way of the Volvo EV.

There’ll still be a bit of a wait until the Polestar 2 makes its official debut, with it currently slated to appear at next year’s Geneva Motor Show, which normally takes place around March.

When it will hit the roads, and South Africa in particular, still remains to be seen.

We don’t know what the Polestar 2 will look like yet, but give the first iteration a watch in the winter test drive video below.