Ford unveiled a Weather Factory in Europe this week that will allow it to test how vehicles fare in a variety of weather conditions.

The facility, located in Germany, was the subject of a €70 million (~R1 billion) investment and will allow engineers to simulate a variety of conditions from snow, to torrential rain and even high altitude during vehicle testing.

The facility is home to three wind tunnels and four temperature controlled test chambers. One of the wind tunnels contains a high-altitude lab and one of the test chambers allows for humidity testing.

“Travelling to the four corners of this building is like taking a trip to the four corners of the world, and our engineers will do that around the clock, every day, to continue to develop future best-in-class vehicles,” vice president of product development at Ford Europe Joe Bakaj said in a statement.

The firm says that all vehicles will be tested at this facility to insure they are operational in a variety of conditions including driving at 5 200 metres above sea-level. You know, in case you get lost and find yourself at Mount Everest North Base Camp. It happens to the best of us.

The Weather Factory is powered by renewable energy sourced from RheinEnergies which is excellent consider the factory requires 11 megawatts of power to remain functional.

You can see a showcase of the facility in the video below.