Many have been anticipating the crowdfunding campaign for GPD’s Pocket 2 – a new iteration of a full Windows 10 laptop that can fit in your hand.

Details, pricing, specs and more have been revealed ahead of the Indiegogo campaign going live, which has now happened with the dollars rolling in.

At the time of writing, the campaign has been active for only five hours, but has already raised $387 772 (~R5 million). This is over the original $100 00 (~R1 million) goal that the company set at the start.

Something that is unexpected here is that the Early Bird units are still available. If you choose to buy them before they sell out, you’ll be paying $529 for the 4GB RAM option, and $599 for 8GB. These will be increased to $769 and $839 once the early units sell out.

Local pricing will, of course, vary wildly once you factor in shipping and any import fees and taxes in South Africa or any other country, so even those cheaper prices can balloon pretty fast.

The Pocket 2’s other specs include an an Intel Core m3 CPU, 7″ 1 920 X 1 200 display, and a full keyboard packed inside of a clam shell body that is much smaller than hardware by just about every other country.

You can click around the campaign to see if this is something you’d like to spend your money on. But, as always, we’re giving you the obligatory warning about crowdfunding: you may never receive what you pay for, and if something is ever delivered it may not be what was advertised.

That being said, GPD has a stellar track record as most of its inventory has been successfully crowdfunded and delivered in the past. Still, don’t spend anything you’re not willing to lose entirely.

If you want some outside coverage of the Pocket 2 it seems that early units have made it to certain content creators. The Phawx, a YouTube channel known for its GPD coverage, has a trio of videos about the Pocket 2 already. Check out a review of the keyboard, optical mouse nub, and a comparison between the two versions of the Pocket below.