Another week, another leak. This time it’s not a Samsung device, but rather one from Cupertino-based manufacturer Apple as a series of images appear to show off what the next batch of iPhone¬†devices may look like.

The leaks come from Ben Geskin, who took to Twitter to showcase a series of images with what is said to be the dummy versions of the next smartphones Apple plans to reveal in September.


Supposedly new iPhone X (left) and iPhone (right).

If true, Apple fans may be left wanting as the devices shown below look exactly like the iPhone 8 and X that the company debuted last year.

As such, it may be on the software side where Apple can look to win over more consumers, otherwise there may be little reason to upgrade to the new smartphones other than the fact that they’re newly minted.

From a design perspective the only thing that’s changed on the regular variant is the introduction of an all-screen front that ups the display real estate to 5.8″. It also has the screen notch, which shows Apple hasn’t quite mastered how to get rid of it yet.

Along with a new display size for the standard model, Apple may be ditching the iPhone Plus model as well.

Geskin shared an image showing of screen protectors in three different sizes, with his caption on Twitter noting that they were for the new iPhone, iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, with the latter measuring 6.5″ diagonally.

Screen covers for three new iPhone models.

With the X already larger than the standard version at 6.1″, having an iPhone Plus in a similar size does not make much sense.

Whether these leaked images above are the real deal remains to be seen but, if they are, Apple could potentially have some pretty jaded consumers on its hands.

With Apple’s usual September event several weeks away, this definitely won’t be the last leak we’ll see.


[Source РTechCrunch | Images РBen Geskin]