Everyone seems to be getting into the merchandise game these days, and Tesla appears to be no different. Over the weekend the company listed a $1 500 surfboard (~R19 800) on its website, and as expected, the limited edition merch sold out fairly quickly.

This isn’t the first time that an Elon Musk founded organisation has released a rather interesting product that has very little to do with what that company actually does.

At the beginning of this year for example, Boring Company (which specialises in digging tunnels) debuted a flamethrower that could be purchased for R5 900.

Shifting back to the Tesla surfboard, the offering came in two colour options of black or red, with a carbon fibre finish to them.

Only 200 of the surfboards went up for sale, and as with anything limited edition, the reseller market is trying to capitalise on the situation.

As such, The Verge has spotted listings on Ebay for the Tesla surfboard, with some asking between $2 000 and $5 000 for the limited edition offering.

The surfboards were created and designed in collaboration with “Lost Surfboards and Matt “Mayhem” Biolos,” according to the official listing for them. In terms of size the boards measure six-foot eight inches long, and feature a rounded tip design.

Whether any surfer will actually be taking to the waves with one of these boards remains to be seen, but Tesla has plugged some of its electric cars, noting that the Model S, X and 3 can “comfortably” fit the surfboard.

If you ordered one of the 200 surfboards, there could be a bit of a wait, with Tesla adding that delivery can take anywhere from two to 10 weeks. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the fins for this board are not included.

With the Tesla surfboard one of the more interesting corporate merchandise items out there, we still have to give the edge to Boring Company’s flamethrower when it comes to originality.


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