The online portal myUnisa – used by Unisa students to do much of their work – has been missing its “Exam Results” section for some time now, preventing anyone from seeing how they did in the disastrous May/June 2018 examinations.

Thankfully, however, checking this morning it has finally been added back. Following the delays around these exams, Unisa announced that it would be removing the ability to check results, presumably because it was putting too much strain on their servers.

Those wanting their marks before this point had to wait for them to be SMS’d, or an email.

As a quick recap of the situation: strikes at the beginning of the year severely impacted the registration process at the university. Even after the strike had been resolved, it had lasting impacts on the school and its students.

Many who managed to complete their registration found themselves without their learning material or other important resources months after paying to be enrolled.

We’ve even heard horror stories of some students finally receiving their material only to find out that they had an exam a few weeks later.

Because of these problems Unisa made the choice to move around exam dates giving those affected the choice to write later than usual. Those who thought themselves ready to write could still take the exams on the initially designated days.

With the exams written students then patiently waited to receive their marks, something that was promised for 20th July but was then pushed back to 25th July. It is during this interim that the Exam Results section was removed.

There are still problems, however. The most pressing we’ve seen is assignments, which need to be completed soon (some as close as 1st August) while certain students still don’t have their materials, or haven’t been properly added to myUnisa as of yet.


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