YouTube announced last year that its Dark Mode, which aims to lessen the light intensity of using its app at night, will be making its way to mobile devices.

The feature appeared on iOS devices earlier in the year, and now it looks like it has been spotted on some Android devices, which means the rollout process is likely underway.

Said spotting was done by 9to5Google, with the theme seemingly being prioritised for phones and tablets sporting the Google-powered Android (which owns YouTube).

We have not seen the feature appear on our Android devices yet (Samsung Galaxy S8 in my case), but Engadget explains how you can access Dark Mode if it has reached your phone or tablet.

To that end you should be able to find an option to toggle Dark Mode on or off in the general tab of the setting menu in the YouTube app.

From there, the usual white background that appears in the YouTube app will change to dark grey.┬áThis is designed to lessen the strain put on one’s eyes when using the application at night in particular.

YouTube is not the first company to make such changes to its applications, with Apple and other manufacturers adding a blue light filter mode to their devices in order to address eye strain.

Considering the fact that using any electronic device with a display just before going to bed negatively impacts the quality of one’s sleep, perhaps a better solution would be to stop using your phone altogether before sleeping.

But given users’ propensity to use YouTube during every waking hour of the day, the chances of that happening are pretty slim.


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