The GPD Pocket 2 is now available to pledge money to in an already successful Indiegogo campaign, but how does it compare to its predecessor?

Luckily a few prototype units have been seeded to content creators in an effort to answer that kind of question. The Phawx, a YouTube channel known for its GPD coverage, has a handy comparison video that we’ve embedded below.

If you don’t have the 12 minutes to spare, we’ll summarise the findings here. Firstly, the two Pocket computers are almost identical in size. While the Pocket 2 does feature tapering around the edges that gives it the illusion of being smaller, it is definitely not reduced in size.

Next is the keyboard that has been improved for standard typing, but may feel worse when it comes to holding it in your hand and typing with your thumbs. The optical mouse hub is better than expected, and you can find longer videos on each of those topics already covered by The Phawx.

But the biggest changes are probably when it comes to benchmarks. The Heaven benchmark showed an increase in average FPS from 16.5 in the original device up to 29.3 in the Pocket 2. This is on top of the Pocket 2 consuming less power, which is very important in a portable device.

These changes come thanks to a new CPU in the Intel Core m3.

If you’re tempted to give PGD your money, that Indiegogo campaign is nearing the million dollar mark with a few early bird units still available. Just remember that this is crowdfunding, and you shouldn’t pledge anything you’re not willing to lose entirely.


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