Like most things in The Last Jedi, Porg paraphernalia is devisive topic, but if you’re a fan of them you should be happy to know that a LEGO set of the animal is incoming.

German website Promobricks has managed to find details about the unannounced set  on a Ukrainian online store. Which, at the time of writing, still has the listing active.

What you’re looking at here is a set of 811 parts that is selling in Europe for €70 when it launches in October.

This Porg closely resembles 75187: BB-8 both in size and general aesthetic. These two sets technically fall into LEGO’s “Ultimate Collector’s Series”, or UCS. These sets are usually larger, more expensive, and feature a black stand together with a placard with various information about the in-universe vehicle, robot, or creature.

We say “technically” because the Porg and BB-8 sets are smaller than their contemporaries like the Millennium Falcon which launched last year.

As for South African pricing we have to imagine that it will come in around the same price as the BB-8, which hovers around the R1 500 mark depending on where you shop and if there’s any sales on. Hopefully it will be available at the new, official LEGO Store close to international launch.

If you’re feeling a bit of déjà vu right now it’s because you may have already seen this set. Leaks for it have been floating around for a very long time now, but these are the highest resolution pictures we’ve seen so far, and it’s the first semi-legitimate price we’ve been able to find.

Hopefully LEGO announces this set so we can finally have some concrete information.