The Kolibri from Battlefield 1 is now a suitably tiny 3D print

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While full size 3D prints for videogame weaponry are not uncommon, they usually require a lot of filament and days to print, but that’s not true for Battlefield 1’s Kolibri.

Maker Saxon Fullwood has made this recreation of the tiny firearm, starting with a model in Cinema 4D. He tells us that this process only took an hour to finish, complete with a removable magazine.

Printing also didn’t take much time at only 17 minutes. Granted this was done on a very fast Uniz Slash printer, so yours may take a bit longer.

The FunToDo black resin was used here to cut down on painting as much of the finished prop is black anyway. After printing and cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, some of the metallic parts were made to stand out using acryllics simply applied with a brush.

As this is only a prop, this Kolibri does not fire. While we’re sure someone could find out a way to work some kind of firing mechanism into the plastic, it will be a difficult feat given the minute size of this print – just 80 X 55 X 9.8 millimetres.

The files to make your own are available to download for free from MyMiniFactory. Fullwood is also offering to print it for you on makexyz for a fee.

While shipping finished prints other people make is usually a costly process, we imagine this one could easily be sent in a normal letter. You may get an angry email from the post office, and / or a visit from the police, so try to make sure they know it’s not real.

If you want something a bit more substantial from Battlefield 1, the Mark V landship tank and Lawrence of Arabia’s Jambiya knife are both already available.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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