Esports is a growing sport here in South Africa and the local arm of LG has renewed its commitment to local multi-gaming organisation Energy.

Energy competes in several games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty and Hearthstone. LG provides the team with monitors at the Energy headquarters, located at the Nexus in Johannesburg.

LG has also said it will be sponsoring the latest addition to the Energy family, Ryan Kankowski. The former rugby player is an avid gamer who I’ve actually had the pleasure of playing Dota with. I wasn’t very good, but he is and he was the nicest person to lose with. Sorry Ryan.

“This partnership affirms the support of esports, and gaming enthusiasts in South Africa. Esports is a fantastic way to be inclusive of all gamers whether PC or console and allows anyone to explore and fine tune their hidden talent,” Kankowski said of his sponsorship.

Esports is growing at a rapid pace locally thanks to help from organisations such as Mettlestate, VS Gaming, the African Cyber Gaming League and others. Big firms such as LG getting involved in the scene can help to evangelise it to those who still think esports is not a sport.

The other side of the coin is that LG can poll these esports professionals about its products so that they can be improved for gaming and other applications.

“Our hardware within the competitive gaming industry has been widely adopted by many of the country’s top eports professionals like Energy,” LG ITB2B manager Zandre Rudolph said in a statement adding that LG is thrilled to be sponsoring Energy.