Uber has announced that Uber and Uber EATS driver partners will now have injury protection cover while on trips.

This initiative was first introduced in 2017 when riders from Chubb Insurance received injury protection cover. This cover has now been extended to all Uber driver partners at no cost to them.

“We are proud to announce Partner Injury Protection together with Chubb to show our commitment to being a better partner to the driver and delivery-partners who are the heart of the Uber experiences. We’ll carry on taking drivers feedback onboard to ensure we further improve their experience so they can face the future with more confidence, general manager for Uber in Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits said in a statement.

Should a driver partner be involved in an accident while on a trip, Uber says they will have access to the following benefits.

  • Emergency Medical treatment – should an accident happen on trip this benefit will cover medical treatment costs incurred in the first 48 hours including ambulance service costs. Drivers will recieve an immediate lump sum to cover medical expenses.
  • Death and final payments – should a driver partner pass away as a result of an accident on-trip, Uber will pay the driver’s dependents a lump sum.
  • Permanent disability payments – in the unfortunate instance where a driver is permanently disabled as a result of an accident on-trip Uber will pay the driver a lump sum. The amount of this lump sum will be determined by Chubb Insurance.
  • Daily confinement pay – should a driver be hospitalised for more than 24 hours they will receive daily payment for up to 30 days. Uber notes that this is not medical expense cover and is not a replacement for medical aid.
  • Daily payment benefit (injury) – should a driver be hospitalised for more than 48 hours and is unable to drive as a result of injuries they will receive a daily payment for up to 30 days should a doctor certify they are unfit to work.

In addition to these benefits Uber has also said it will be extending its partnership with RoadCover for riders to driver partners as well.

“RoadCover will provide assistance and legal representation to drivers and other third parties with their submission of claims submitted to the Road Accident Fund at no additional cost to themselves. RoadCover removes the complicated process that drivers face when processing a claim with the Road Accident Fund,” Uber said.

We have to commend Uber on these programmes. This sort of cover should help drivers feel more secure on the roads knowing that if they are involved in an accident, Uber’s programmes will help ease the burden of those costs somewhat.

These programmes are also being launched in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan with Uber looking to add more countries in Africa and the Middle East soon.

[Image – CC BY SA 2.0 Jay Reed]