The next Hearthstone expansion lands next week and ahead of the release Blizzard hosted a card reveal stream yesterday.

Game designer Mike Donais and streamer Sean “Day[9]” Plott hosted the stream in which Plott failed to win a single game with the new cards. No seriously, it was bad, we’ve embedded the stream at the bottom of this story so you can see for yourself.

We already know that this expansion will put emphasis on the Mech tribe thanks to the new keyword Magnetic which allows you to bond Mech minions to other Mech minions for extreme combos.

There are also Legendary spells but unlike the Quests we got in Journey to Un’Goro these won’t always be in your opening hand.

One of these Legendary spells is Luna’s Pocket Galaxy. This Legendary spell costs seven mana and changes the cost of minions in your deck to one mana.

Think of all the Elemental minions you could have on the board…

For Hunter there is Flark’s Boom-Zooka which costs eight mana and has the text: Summon 3 minions from your deck. They attack enemy minions, then die.

Hero cards also make a return but like with The Witchwood there is only one Hero card for hunter. That card is Dr. Boom, Mad Genius which gives your hero 7 armour and your Mech minions have Rush for the rest of the game. Boom’s hero power cycles randomly between five variants every turn.

Doctor Seven returns as a hero!

The Boomsday Project contains a total of 135 cards so detailing them all here before the expansion goes live would be impossible. For those of you who like theorycrafting ahead of an expansion you can find all the cards over on Facebook and Reddit.

Pre-orders for 50 or 80 pack bundles are still open but if you are planning to pre-order do so before 7th August.

During the final reveal stream Donais said that the expansion would go live on 7th August at 10AM Pacific Time. That’s 7PM here in South Africa so barring any server issues you should be able to bust open packs from then.