Still keen on the look of instant camera photos, but less so about carrying around an instant camera? Canon’s new Zoemini might be what you’re looking for.

It’s the latest ultra-small form factor printer from the Japanese company, and the Zoemini is their smallest and lightest printer to date.

This little device, which weighs in at 160 g and measures 18mm X 82mm X 19mm, is designed for users to print instant camera looking photos from their phone tablet or social media. As such, it does not have to be carried around with you in order to ensure you get the shot in polaroid-esque format.

The device you’re aiming to print from needs to be compatible with Canon’s Mini Print app (iOS and Android only) though, which connects to the printer via Bluetooth.

Along with being able to print 5 X 7.6 centimetre sized pictures from your phone’s photo gallery, the app also features filters, frames and AR effects so you can edit before printing.

The Zoemini takes Canon ZINK photo paper, which usually comes in packs of 20 or 50 sheets and feature a peel-off back so they can be stuck to things. There’s also a starter pack of 10 that will come with the printer.

The battery of the Canon Zoemini is rechargeable, but no mention of size or expected battery life from Canon.

This little device is made in three different colour finishes, rose gold, white and black, but it’s unknown if all the options will be released globally.

Also unclear is when this pint-sized printer will be available locally, or indeed how much it will cost, but if Canon can bring it in below HP’s similar offering, the Sprocket at R1 999, it could have a more tempting device on its hands.

For those residing in Europe, the Canon Zoemini will be available to purchase from 5th September.


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