Overseas LEGO recently revealed two great sets firmly aimed at adults with cash to burn: a Voltron that is made up of five smaller lions, and 007’s Aston Martin DB5 complete with ejector seat.

As fantastic as both of these are, their high price and limited numbers meant that South Africans would be waiting quite a while for them to land in South Africa, where we would expect suitably large price tags on both.

But thanks to the recently opened official LEGO Store, these two sets and more are already available to buy.

At the launch we attended these two sets were not present, but we did hear mention that local pricing would be more favourable for South Africans.

This is the perfect opportunity, because earlier released sets combined with more reasonable pricing is one of the biggest expectations we have for this kind of store.

We’ve decided to compare the local pricing to the UK and Euro prices below. We included the current conversion rate (at the time of writing) with some rounding to make everything easier to read.

We did not include US prices as these usually don’t include taxes and they are a bit cheaper due to immense buying power of that country. While we don’t recall LEGO explicitly stating that the latter reason is why the US seems to get such great pricing, we have to assume it is a contributing factor.

We’ve also included the large Hulkbuster set to make a trio here. This is because we waited months for this set to arrive locally and the official LEGO Store brought it in at launch. It’s also another large set with a high price.

21311: Voltron:

  • UK Price: £160 (~R2 776)
  • Euro Price: €180 (~R2 774)
  • SA Price: R3 200

10262: James Bond Aston Martin DB5:

  • UK Price: £130 (~R2 255)
  • Euro Price: €150 (~R2 312)
  • SA Price: R2 200

76105: The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition:

  • UK Price: £112 (~R1 943)
  • Euro Price: €130 (~R2 004)
  • SA Price: R2 200

As you can see the differences in the prices varies a bit, with the DB5 actually coming in cheaper than overseas, which is a very welcome surprise. The other two sets are noticably more expensive, but they’re in what we’ve come to expect for local pricing, and maybe a bit under them.

We’ll have to wait and see if other South African retailers offer these sets to really compare the prices.

A big thanks to the South African Fans of LEGO Facebook page for bringing this to our attention.