While it remains unclear what kind of demand there will be for a high-priced phone that can produce 3D holograms, the RED Hydrogen One has taken another step towards reaching market.

According to PhoneScoop, the Hydrogen One has just received FCC approval in the States.

Apart from confirming that the Hydrogen One will indeed go on sale in the US, the filing also revealed a few more details about the device that RED has not mentioned yet, along with placing the smartphone on course to potentially meet its August release date.

Ever since it was first announced in July last year, the smartphone has suffered a few setbacks as RED attempted to bring it to market, with the latest delay setting the release date for this month.

Shifting back to some of the newly revealed specifications, the RED Hydrogen One is said to feature a 4 510mAh battery, dual SIM slots and supports all current LTE bandwidths.

This is added to what we already know about the phone, with a 5.7″ display that caters to 3D holographic images, as well as 4-view video format in order to help users create and edit 3D content.

The smartphone will also be able to pair with another device that RED is working, serving as the centre for an 8K 3D camera attachment.

For now you’ll struggle to get your hands on the RED Hydrogen One locally, with pre-orders only available to those in the US or other select territories.

This niche device also costs a pretty penny, with the pre-order Aluminium version costing $1 295 (~R17 257) and Titanium option even more at $1 595 (~R21 255).

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