Valve has been rather quiet about its Dota 2 themed card game Artifact but this week we received a flurry of news.

The most pertinent slice of information is that the game will be available to play on 28th November. Ahead of that launch, Valve will have a playable version of the game at PAX West later this month.

Unlike other digital card games such as Hearthstone or Gwent, Artifact will charge a fee of $19.99 (~R269.06) to play the game. For that fee you will get two pre-made decks of 54 cards each, and 10 sealed card packs which contain 12 random cards each according to a report by Ars Technica.

Valve will also sell card packs for $2 (~R26.92) each.

What excites us about Artifact is that players will be able to buy and sell cards on the Steam Marketplace.

Unlike Blizzard’s Hearthstone where players can only turn extra cards into dust that is in turn used to craft cards, being able to sell cards for Steam Wallet credit sounds fantastic.

Much like Hearthstone however, new cards will need to be purchased when they are released.

At launch however there will be 280 cards to play with including heroes, spells and items borrowed from Dota 2 lore (which is NOT Warcraft lore).

We’re extremely excited to give Artifact a spin and see if it can lure us away from Hearthstone. Of course we could end up enjoying both Artifact and Hearthstone but we try not to think about how much debt that would put us in.