If you were going into this weekend with no games to play, rejoice, as the Nintendo Switch has seven games launching for it today.

First up is Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition. This is the latest Devolver Digital game to get a Switch port, complete with the ability to play as BunnyLord himself.  Make sure you read our review of the original release to see if this one’s up your alley.

If you want something a bit more serious Salt & Sanctuary also lands on the console today. While it’s a bit of meme to evoke the “soulslike” genre, this is a very good example of how that can be applied in 2D, and it has been very well received on other hardware.

Iconoclasts – the long awaited metroidvania that launched in January – is also available on Switch today. Given the fact that this game had been in development for around eight years, waiting a few months for this port doesn’t seem so bad.

Picross S2 is up if you’re looking for some puzzling on the go, and Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Shoot Out is, well, out, if you want something older.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is the choice for you, if what you really need this week is a focus on story, and the final Switch game out today is Cycle 28. If you want to know more about that final game, the developer recently held a Reddit AMA that you can read.

To help you choose what to pick up, we’ve made a short playlist of new trailers for some of the games mentioned above. While there may be a few more trailers out there, we’ve gone with the official launch ones featured on Nintendo’s own YouTube channel.

If any of the games haven’t unlocked on your eshop, be sure to check back as the day goes on, and here’s a handy link to the recent releases list so you can check out the store pages and local pricing.